Dynamik Muscle L-Glutamine Micronized

AED 47

Brand: Dynamik Muscle

Age Range (Description): Adult

Net Quantity:  300.00 gram

Colour:  Red

Material Feature:  Vegetarian

Kevin Levrone Gold Glutamine 300g.

AED 79

Brand:   Kevin Levrone

Format:  Powder

Dexter Jackson Glutamine 300Gm

AED 47


Item Form:   Powder

Diet Type:   Vegetarian

PERFORMIX Post Workout L-Glutamine - 60 Servings

AED 77


Item Form: Powder

Flavor:  Unflavored

Gaspari Nutrition Glutamine - Unflavored, 300 g, 60 Servings

Out of Stock

Brand: Gaspari Nutrition
Size: 300 g
Flavor: Unflavored

GAT Sport Essentials L-Glutamine - Unflavored, 300 g

Out of Stock

Brand: GAT Sport
Size: 300 g
Flavor: Unflavored

Muscle Rulz Glutamine Powder 300gm

Out of Stock

Brand: Muscle Rulz
Size: 300gm

Redcon1-Basic Training L-Glutamine 5g - 60 Serving

Out of Stock

Brand: Redcon1
Size: 60 Servings
Flavor: Unflavored

MusclePharm Essentials Glutamine Powder, Pure L-Glutamine

Out of Stock

Brand:   Muscle Pharm

Item Form:   Powder

Flavor:  Unflavored

Consuming enough high-protein meals will certainly ensure that you obtain essential nutrients to keep your immune system and intestines healthy. Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid, which means it is an organic component that forms proteins when combined with others. Amino acids help the body break down food, develop, repair body tissue (such as skin wounds), and perform other activities. Nutrition Supplements Store is the perfect platform to buy glutamine supplements such as tablets, powder, and more at the best price in the UAE. It is necessary for a variety of biological functions, especially during times of stress. It's also necessary for transporting nitrogen and carbon to certain of the body's cells, as well as creating glucose. Apart from high-protein meals, get essentials glutamate protein using an effective supplement.

Why Glutamine Is for Gym-goers?

Glutamate is sold as a powder supplement for fitness, just as other proteins and amino acids. However, it is also effective in terms of muscle development and workout performance. All of our glutamine supplements are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, making them an excellent source of amino acids for vegetarians and vegans. This amino acid, which is found naturally in protein and aids in muscle growth and maintenance, can help you attain your fitness objectives. Our l-glutamine supplements are available in a number of formulations and may easily be included into your daily routine, no matter how hectic your schedule may be.

Bulk-Up Muscles

Many athletes and healthy young people already consume a high-protein diet along with glutamine tablets and powder to obtain enough nutrients. This additional nutrient most likely required by senior individuals due to their injuries.

Perform Better

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a bodybuilder, buy glutamine powder or other supplements to workout with vigor and energy. We offer nutrition products from top industry brands.

Glutamine for Immunity

The involvement of these nutrients in the immune system is one of its most essential activities. Immune cells, such as white blood cells and some intestinal cells, rely on it for energy. However, significant traumas, burns, or operations might cause its blood levels to drop. If your body needs more, it's capacity to create it, it may break down protein reserves like a muscle to release more of this amino acid. In addition, if there isn't enough glutamine available, the immune system's effectiveness might be jeopardized. After significant injuries high-glutamine diets, or glutamine supplements are frequently advised for these reasons. Supplementing may enhance health, reduce infections, and shorten hospital stays following surgery. In severely ill patients, they have been found to enhance survival and lower medical expenses.


Health Benefits

Glutamine can be consumed as a meal or as a supplement. This nutrient derived from food appears to have a crucial role in maintaining the health of your immune system and intestines. In addition, if you're wounded or sick, supplementing with glutamine tablets or powder may improve your immune system. Check out our wide selection to buy quality supplements online in the UAE.