Calcium Supplements

Nature's Truth Absorbable Calcium 1200 mg Plus D3 5000 IU per Serving Quick Release Softgels - 120 ct

AED 86

Brand:   Nature's Truth

Item Form:   Softgels

Primary Supplement Type: Calcium

A dietary supplement can minimize the difference between the mineral intake through calcium-rich foods and your bodily need. It aids in bone creation and preservation, as well as clotting, muscular contraction, and heartbeat.

The amount we consume on a daily basis has significantly decreased due to dietary changes. The lack of natural production of this mineral and daily loss as hair, nails, sweats, skin, feces, and urine, makes it an essential part of the human body. Calcium supplementation can aid in getting a consistent level of the mineral, boosting your nutritional reserves and keeping your bones healthy. Nutrition online supplement store Dubai sells the top popular calcium supplements on the market, all of which are made with high-quality components from reputable manufacturers. Buy daily calcium supplements from our wide selection of pills, tablets, and powders at the best price in the UAE to help your health.

Calcium Supplements

Who Needs Calcium Tablets?

The body eliminates calcium from the bones in case of inadequate calcium intake, thus making them weak and at risk of various bone diseases. Women are highly recommended daily intake of supplements post menopause since they are vulnerable and have higher calcium needs. As a result, elderly women are far more likely than younger women to consume nutrients. If you are facing deficiencies due to reasons like the following, buy branded calcium supplements at a low price from our UAE store.

  • Vegan diets.
  • High-protein or high-sodium diet.
  • A medical condition inhibiting the body's calcium absorption capacity.
  • Are given corticosteroids over an extended length of time.

Tips to Pick the Ideal Ones

Elemental Calcium

This is significant since it represents the quantity of calcium present in the tablets. This essential mineral help with bone development and eliminate other health issues. When it comes to supplements containing calcium, the products' facts label can help you figure out the calcium level present in one serving.

Quality & Price

It is the responsibility of manufacturers to ensure that products safety and that promises are accurate. When you buy from our reputed store, be sure to receive calcium supplements that are of high-quality, pure, and potent. These tablets come in a variety of price ranges.


These mineral supplements come in a range of shapes and sizes, including tablets, powders, or liquids. You might wish to try a chewable or liquid calcium supplement in Dubai if you have difficulties swallowing pills.

Calcium for Lactose Intolerance

Having a low calcium diet without dairy products to avoid lactose intake, your bone mineral density can be at risk. You may consider taking easily absorbable supplements like calcium tablets to fulfill the daily required limit. Calcium intake is critical, especially as we age and osteoporosis becomes more common. If you're lactose intolerant, make it a habit to study nutrition labels to learn more about the foods you eat and to see if you're getting the appropriate amount of calcium each day.

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